Modern School Portraits

As a mom with school aged children, who also happens to be a photographer, I can tell you that I almost NEVER buy the school portraits through the school.  I have once before, and the result while a fine picture, didn’t look like my son, AND it certainly didn’t capture his zany NEVER combs his hair personality…SO I have been taking “school” pictures of my kids every year around fall picture days:-)  When my youngest son was in preschool, his teacher asked me if I would ever consider doing portraits for her.  At first I hesitated, but then I fell in LOVE with the idea of offering parents an alternative to the traditional school portrait.  I wanted to give parents images and products that they LOVE to display in their homes, and give as gifts.  So I educated my self on the process, enrolled in some courses focused on school portraiture, and this fall I will be at my first school capturing precious preschoolers for their parents!

While I was studying and learning I thought I would practice, AND what better way to practice, than on my son’s preschool class:-) I had a GREAT idea for an end of the year gift for his AMAZING teachers, and I used that as an opportunity to practice:-) Make sure you check out ALL the images, as I included the gift print at the bottom, that was well LOVED!  I love how each one of these pictures is different and how you can see a little spark of WHO these kids are!

This is MY guy…He is as sweet as he looks, with that little bit of mischievousness thrown in!


Now that you have made it this far, I have a question for you, some of you may have older kids, kids that have started in school already, that you may have already have school portraits of, maybe you have them hung in a hallway all in a row.  My question is this, a little market research if you will, would you order a horizontal image like the ones above, or would you NEED to, WANT to order a vertical image, to go with all your others?  Obviously Modern School Portraits is not available at every school, so I would like to know, would you order an art piece like that above, or prefer an art piece that was the same orientation as the rest of your school portraits?  To help you answer this question I have included students images below in both horizontal and vertical, so you can see them side by side.


AND HERE IT IS:-)  I made a print of this, as well as a memory book(which will be featured in a product blog soon!) that was filled with all the sweet smiles from above, and had this and a funny face collage on the front and back!  SO fun!  I love what I do!

Modern School Portraits are an alternative to the Traditional School portrait, giving parents a timeless piece of art to hang on their wall, and give as gifts.  The images are captured outdoors in natural light and I take the time to capture your child as they are, capturing a little or a lot of their personality at this time, this year, this age.  This kind of portrait is near and dear to my heart, just as I use images to tell the story of YOUR family, YOUR day, I aim to capture YOUR child in the same way.  Each child has a story, which is part of your family’s story, and I can’t wait to capture just a small chapter in theirs.  Contact me for more information!


  • Carmen - I love this idea!ReplyCancel

  • Cynthia Greene Ragona - I would purchase either a vertical or a horizontal photo. Because what you’re offering is very different from (and a huge improvement upon) the traditional school portrait, I don’t think a parent likely would hang it in the traditional Shrine of School Portraits. I’d hang this photo the way I would any other professional family portrait–whatever orientation would look best. Adorable idea with the chalkboards.ReplyCancel

  • Niki Collis - How awesome, much better than the traditional school portraits. I love the “when I grow up…” boards! ReplyCancel

  • Jo Little - I love horizontal , the artsy outside look is unique. With a close up of their sweet face and not sitting in a sterile chair holding an apple at a desk (my oldest kindergarten pic haha)
    I also hang pics both horizontal and vertical to create some wall art .
    And I love love the when I grow up chalkboard !!! ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Wendy Burgan - I love both the vertical and horizontal… It would be nice that a parent could chose which they prefer depending on what and where they plan to display it. I LOVE the fact that the parents can order the amount they want and the sizes they want. I think more will actually be bought because of this feature. We’ve been so limited in the past with a set package. I love the individual photo collage as the group picture. The “when I grow up ” one definitely for the pre k class . I’d like to keep that special just for the graduating class. Also, I don’t want to repeat with the threes class having it this year and then again the next year as I pretty much retain all my kiddos for the following year. Any thoughts for something we can do for the threes class??! I’d also love if we can put the preschool name and yearReplyCancel

  • Susan Gronau Pagel - I like the look of the horizontal pic better. I haven’t purchased school portraits in years…I hate spending money on something I don’t even like. What a great alternative you are offering! ReplyCancel

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