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This past year has been a busy year!  My busiest with photography, I had engagements, seniors, families, and my first few weddings, not to mention buying land, designing a house and moving!  We knew that summer was going to be a crazy time, so much so that we didn’t plan our typical 5 or so camping trips, and we opted out of other summer traditions.  BUT, we needed to get away and refresh for a few days, to be in nature, to be together as a family, it’s SO essential, especially with two work at home parents.  So we found a campground within a couple hours of Auburn, somewhere where it would be cooler, but still close enough to home that it was doable.  We stayed at French Meadows campground, it’s “right outside” Foresthill, but that means you wind down into the valley, up again and the road is slow, so right outside means 1+ hours of winding roads:-)  But it was SO worth it when we pulled up to our campsite and it looked like this…


It’s like you step out of the car, and instantly you breath in deep, and the air travels through you, and your body begins to relax. Oh and the kids, the moment the doors open they are off in their own world exploring, pretending, and in the case of our older kids, inventing:-)  It’s truly like magic…so beautiful!


Our last morning there, I grabbed my bible, my tripod, and my camera and headed out before anyone else was awake.  It was SO peaceful, definitely what I needed to recharge and get ready for my last wedding of the year, and gear up for fall and some new projects:-)  Oh and breaking ground:-)


As I came back into the campsite, breakfast was being cooked, and coffee was already made:-)  Perfect, and the light streaming through the trees was AMAZING!

Day3_8Day3_9Just this past month, the King Fire, burned SO many acres, destroyed homes and came really close to this campground, I am glad the rains finally came and the fire was stopped.  If you are looking for a place to get away, for a night or two, someplace close to take your family and just be a family without any laundry, work, or electronics (cell phones don’t work here:)) this is a great place!  Its pretty rustic, so bring ALL your food in, and plan on REALLY being unplugged!  Just what the Dr. ordered!  I am SO glad we did it!

When you are headed out be sure to stop in Foresthill at Worton’s Market for sandwiches with a fantastic view!


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