BlogCircleBannerWelcome to our LATEST edition of LightBox Stories Blog Circle!  If you are visiting from Rachel of Seasons of Life Photography page, I am SO glad you are here!  My name is Anna Robertson, and I am a Family and Lifestyle Portrait Photographer in Northern California.  This year along with all the photographers in the LIGHTBOX STORIES blog circle, I am capturing our family’s life in one image a day.  I am so EXCITED to be partnering with this group of talented photographers from around the world!  Being a part of this group means we have people who encourage, challenge and help us along the way of our 365 journey. Thanks for looking at the images of my life and reading my story!  Please be sure to read through to the bottom and follow the blog circle around the globe, you don’t want to miss ANY of the TALENTED photographers:-)

This month, May,  has been DOMINATED by the house!  Our move in date is definitely getting closer:-)  We have also seen a few milestones with our boys, which is SO fun, and is a reminder to appreciate everyday as time goes by so fast!  There are no themes other than this is our life and I LOVE it:-) Included in our life is the journey of building a house!  Somedays it’s exciting and others it’s just HARD, but over the past years I have been learning to embrace and find JOY in the Messy Life that is ours:-) The following are my favorite images of the month:-)  I hope you enjoy!








I love how these images let you see our life, our personalities and the beauty that I am learning to see and appreciate with my eyes.  I am thankful for the assignment to observe, capture and mostly be thankful for our days right now, and be challenged to see the beauty in the everyday.  I am SO excited for what the rest of the year will bring!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our life!  Now PLEASE go and check out Amy of Sticky Mango Photo’s month.  I love this group of photographers!  I am inspired and encouraged daily. AND don’t forget to check back next month as we post our images from June.  This year is going to be fun!

Please enjoy a look through the rest of the month:-)  You can also see previous weeks HERE



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