Kathleen Class of 2014 | Roseville Senior Portraits

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I took these senior portraits!  Where does the time go?  If you are like me, watching your kids grow at lightening speed, you totally get it.  I don’t want to even think how fast my boys will be at this stage!

I was DELIGHTED when Kathleen’s dad contacted me about doing Kathleen’s senior portraits!  Kathleen is a budding photographer, and getting ready to embark on a new season of life that is, “Life after Highschool:-)”  She also happens to be SUPER close with Roxy, one of my other seniors this past year!  It has been fun to watch these girls grow into the women they have become, and an honor to document this season of life for them!

After talking about what kind of images she wanted, and the outfits that she would bring, we decided on Royer Park in Roseville, CA as our starting point, planning on venturing over to the town square as we went.  I LOVE Royer Park, it has amazing trees, creek, and some hidden walls, that are SO fun!


This wall is a favorite of mine, BUT it only works with neutral outfits, SO I was excited to be able to use it!  Kathleen was so natural in front of the camera, and she is such a beautiful person inside and out it made my job EASY.


After a quick outfit change we decided to venture out of the park.  This footbridge is an icon of Roseville, I lOVE it’s rust, and the surrounding trees!  It was fun to hang out and hear about Kathleen’s dreams and plans for life, as well as I got to catch up with her mom, who is truly one of my favorite people on this earth!


This is ONE of my favorites, the real deal is coming up soon:-)


When I photograph seniors, I like to ask them about themselves, what makes them, THEM.  BUT I also like to ask them what their favorite picture of themselves is, one that truly captures who they are. I also ask this of the parents.  Kathleen’s mom said, she always thinks of the funny selfies Kathleen and her friends take, so I wanted to document that:-)  I LOVE this shot and it is my favorite from the session, but also one of my all time favorite senior captures!  She nailed it!


After the “formals” if you can call them that:-)  I love to capture YOU, so formals are not necessarily what I do.  We decided to have some fun with the cap and gown.  These jumping ones were FUN!


LOTS of parents, are using this book to commemorate their child’s school years.  I LOVE that we captured it in this session.  And, thats a WRAP!  Hats of to this SENIOR! 🙂


Thank you Kathleen, you are such a beautiful young woman, I can’t wait to see what this next season holds!  Thank you Erin for trusting me to capture this SPECIAL, SPECIAL season in your little girl’s life!

What’s YOUR story? Are you entering a new season, and want images to capture who you are RIGHT NOW, in THIS season?  Are you looking at your kids and wondering, where the time goes, and how they got so big?  Do you want to celebrate who THEY are RIGHT now?  I would love to tell YOUR SENIOR’S story, and CAPTURE YOUR LIFE!   Send me an EMAIL, and we will grab a coffee and get to know each other!



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