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Do YOU have December traditions?  Generally, I tell people I am not a traditions person, and we have trouble being consistent with traditions every year. BUT I married into a family that likes tradition, and so we have adopted a few, one of those being our Annual Tree Hunt.  After we have had our fill of Thanksgiving, it is time for Christmas to start!  SO decorations come out, and the weekend after Thanksgiving, we head out to find our tree!  We missed last year due to our life changing trip to India, and if  you follow me on FB you know that we are currently building a house, and living in smallish quarters.  So this year we are again bringing back the Christmas branch instead of the Christmas tree.  BUT we didn’t want to miss out on the hunt!  So we all gathered and headed out to a new to us farm, only minutes from our new house!  Pine Valley Ranch!

It was a little difficult for my boys to not actually get a tree, but in the end they were super stars and supportive of the others who were getting trees:-)


Holden found me a tree that is my favorite color, “orange” he was disappointed when we told him it was a dead tree.  And Anya was SO happy to find a “y”, gotta LOVE kindergartners!


The ranch is VERY picturesque, and I would LOVE to bring a family back here for a lifestyle Christmas session!  The trees and surroundings were awesome!  They also have a fire pit and hot cocoa, and you can roast your own hot dogs:-)  Of course the boys could not resist the pond, and finding SOMETHING to throw into it:-)


Grandmere and Grandpere were the first to pick their tree, I love, love little Anya “helping” carry the tree!


Next the Petersons found their tree finally one mom and MJ could agree on!  The kids loved “helping” carry the trees to be measured and paid for…


I LOVE this tradition we have continued over the years, I think we started it our second year of marriage when Beth and Josh moved up here and we had our first house:-)  I have captured it throughout the years, and I LOVE to look back at how we have grown as families!  I love telling our story through images, and I would LOVE to help you tell your story!  CONTACT ME today so we can grab a cup of coffee and start planning your session!

Do you have special traditions as you get ready for Christmas?  I would LOVE it if you shared them with me!


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