Baby B is 6 months! | Auburn Family Photographer

Babies grow OH SO FAST, it’s fun to capture them several times during their first year, to capture milestones and just watch their tiny personalities come out.  I was SO excited when his 6-month session came up and Stacey asked if we could capture the family together as well, it was fall after all perfect timing for Christmas Card sessions! We did this session in Old Auburn, I just love all the locations available right in a small area:-)  You can capture lots of different scenery in great light!

As you can see Baby B is sitting up nicely and he doesn’t think I am as funny as before:-)  But those cheeks, those eyes, and the beautiful baby skin!  I LOVE to capture all the little parts!  Next time he will be 9 months and then a year, it’s gone by SO fast!  As you will see in the pictures BIG Brother was a little more interested in my props and getting his picture taken than Baby B, but that didn’t stop us from grabbing some GREAT images:-)



This truck was perfect for fall!  And for sitting in:-)  Although the little guy isn’t so sure, Big Brother had fun “showing” him how to do it:-)  Kids are SO fun!


Old Auburn has the stone walls of the beautiful courthouse, old red brick buildings, as well as some park areas, like I said LOTS of places to capture!  I love how the outfits Stacey put together go with the surroundings!  And the BOYS matching VANS!  I love them!


Daddies are SO funny! Capturing the interactions is my favorite thing about families, just seeing how everyone loves on and relates to each other is a JOY!


Baby B, you have grown SO fast, it is a pleasure each time I see you and your family, until next time…when we will have to chase you around!


I love to tell stories:-)  And use images to help tell those stories…I would LOVE to capture your family and tell YOUR story, CONTACT ME today so we can grab a cup of coffee and start planning your session!


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