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This post is personal, it has nothing to do with photography, unless you count the fact that I use photography to capture MY own family’s story.  It may be different in how I capture yours, but with Instagram, Facebook, and your phone, you can capture your everyday, and tell the story of your family, in between the moments I or somebody else captures;-)

My father is an architect, I grew up by his side at his drafting table, visiting homes he designed, visiting his office as they built it and then later on as he worked in it.  I don’t think I always knew I was going to pursue architecture, but maybe I did, who knows.  Eventually I went to school for an architecture degree, and pursued and obtained my license to practice in California.  I worked in offices during this time, on office buildings, hospitals, and eventually went to work for my dad working on homes like the ones I watched him design when I was little.

I am not sure I ever considered building my own home, of course I dreamt about it, but just never really thought it would happen.  But then I married my husband, and he either by listening to my dreams or with dreams of his own, wanted to build our house together.  So for many years we simply dreamt.  We lived in 1 apartment and 2 houses together, always working on them in some way, and talking, always talking about what we would do differently in our own house:-)  And while we lived in those houses, we looked off and on for the land to build a house, our house.  Years would go buy, babies would be born, and then eventually it would come across our path in the most unlikely way, with a story all it’s own:-) With God as the master storyteller:-)

And then more than a year later the trucks would come, and start to transform the land into the house we have designed, and I would be in awe every time I stepped onto that land.  And I am.  I can’t believe that someday we will live on this land, in the house we designed, and welcome our guests and the people who He will bring into our lives, into our home.  That I will cook the meals I use to LOVE my people, and His people, in that kitchen I thought through a year ago.  Each day I watch my husband work, manage our project, and love our family, and I can’t help but love him more.

We don’t know if our life will take us on a different journey, if we will be called out of this home in a month, a year, or ever.  We will go if we are called but for now I sit back and take in each moment, each step of this journey and I am so blessed a grateful that we are here this day to experience it.




I love to tell stories:-)  And use images to help tell those stories…I would LOVE to capture your family and tell YOUR story, contact me today so we can grab a cup of coffee and start planning your session!

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