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Welcome to My Story Monday!  Mondays are the day I invite you in and turn the camera on my life so you can see some of my family’s story!  Since I have finished my series on India, AND I want to make sure I am keeping up with YOUR blog stories, as well as my 365 project (which also let’s you into my life;-)) I am going to be posting “My Story Mondays” once a month from now on, and since we are at the 3rd Monday of the month, that is when you can expect a MSM blog from me:-)

Since this past weekend was Valentine’s weekend, I thought I would share a little about Valentine’s Day in our house, OR since it was mostly spent outside, in our family!  Usually Tom and I go out on a day OTHER than the actual holiday, as we like to avoid the crowds and expensive menus;-)  AND since he had been traveling all week, I thought it would be super fun to have a family day.  The morning was spent working on our house, (we do that a lot since we are building).  Then we decided to take an afternoon hike, and get AWAY from the house:-)  We invited our friends to go with us here.  BUT when we arrived the street to the recreational area was CLOSED, apparently everyone had the idea to go here:-)  We had the option of finding a legal parking spot and hiking to the entrance, and then hiking the trails.  We have kids, they barely make the hike on the trails SO to try and make it longer just didn’t seem like a good idea!  So we gave up.

BUT on the way home, I thought of another trail I had seen and wondered about, I didn’t have high hopes for this trail but it was better than going home, right?  I am so glad we tried it the boys LOVED it!  It included some bridges and lots of space to run, so they were very happy and we got to be outside!

Right by the parking lot there is a DIY fishing spot AND this “waterfall” It was a win from the first step;-)



I love capturing shapes while out and about, shapes that occur in nature and shapes that are manmade, and found;-)

The boys LOVE to learn, and Tom LOVES to teach them, they were especially interested in the water, the traps, and the different gates.  Tom is such a great dad! I LOVE to watch him with our boys:-)  The metal bridges were a favorite for Holden, and eventually Daniel when he realized they were pretty sturdy:-)


While we were walking I caught sight of our shadows trailing us on the other side of the canal:-)  So I yelled “stop!” and then “act like you are walking” you already saw this image here🙂150214VAlentineOne of the photography pages I follow is focusing on hands this month, so I am trying to capture them:-) I LOVE this series:-)150214VAlentine

After our time outside we came home, AND we ALL cooked dinner!  THIS is a big deal!  The kitchen is MY place, I don’t actually enjoy cooking with others…it must be some sort of control freak in me!  BUT I want to learn to love including my family in my cooking, and since it was Valentine’s day I thought we should try it out!  My boys LOVE watching chopped and would LOVE to help in the kitchen everyday,SO it’s about time I teach them.  I am happy to report it was SUPER enjoyable and fun!  And our food was YUMMY!  We made this as an appetizer.150214VAlentine

For dinner I made this in the crockpot, and then we made these biscuits! YUMM-O.  For dessert, which was never eaten this night, we made these.  They were tasty in the next few days:-)


Now why didn’t we get to dessert?  Well, with the hike, etc. we got started late and ate well after 7pm, which apparently was too late for our boys.  Lesson learned, bedtime was a mess, and we were all exhausted by the end.  I tell you this in the interest of full disclosure, I wouldn’t want you thinking my life is perfect and I do everything well.  Like everybody else, I fail, I get to learn from my mistakes, and my life is a beautiful mess, not perfection:-)

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my life:-)  In the end our day was fun, and the memories are ones that make us smile:-)  That’s what life is about. Thanks for reading!  Remember my next My Story Monday post will be on March 16th!  It’s an update on our house building!

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