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Last Week included Fall School Portrait day at my boys school.  I was off capturing adorable preschoolers Modern School Portraits, while they were having traditional portraits taken.  So when they got home I gave them their own private Modern School Portrait shoot!  We had a lot of fun, even I got in front of the camera, you can see mine at the bottom of this post thanks to Holden:-)The beauty of these images is it is TOTALLY THEM, they have FUN, and they are not STIFF:-)  And it really only takes me a couple of minutes with each child!  Obviously my own are super quick too!

I love Daniel’s faces in these:-)  He is DEFINITELY our comedian, keeping us laughing, even when we should not be encouraging his antics!

I LOVE Modern School Portraits because you get a few different images to choose from, and if you can’t choose you can have the whole collection.  You might gain some for the scrapbook, and one for an art portrait to display, and give as gifts to relatives and friends! I am having a hard time deciding between these two here…But I am thinking the right is going on our wall!

Next up is Holden. He couldn’t NOT smile if his life depended on it!  He is our learner, he will forever be learning…I might know at least ONE other person like that in our family;-)  He has definitely entered the stage where he is aware of what people think.  He wanted more direction with what to do, BUT I got him to lose up and just be himself, mostly by talking to him.  ALL kids LOVE to talk, well…not all, but mine do!

This one…This is the wall art!  I am excited to get these printed and on the wall!  BUT I am sad to take last year’s down…They have changed and grown a lot this year…150922_01_Blog

I am often asked if I will/can do sibling images, I am working on a sibling Saturday, as well as a non-school associated Modern School Portrait Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled for an email if you are on my Modern School Portraits newsletter list, if you are not on it you can sign up here!  Anyway, here are my kids “sibling images”.  Before you say, “Aw…” and think I always get full cooperation and awesome shots…keep scrolling….they think they are funny!150923_08_Blog

I have no words…150923_09_Blog

This one might have to go up on the wall as well:-)150923_10_Blog

OK as promised, here is mine Holden took:-)  Processed a little differently, but I am impressed, I mean I am in focus, I look relaxed and like myself;-)  He did a great job!  I may have to train him as my assistant!


Modern School Portraits are an alternative to the Traditional School portrait, giving parents a timeless piece of art to hang on their wall, and give as gifts.  The images are captured outdoors in natural light and I take the time to capture your child as they are, capturing a little or a lot of their personality at this time, this year, this age.  This kind of portrait is near and dear to my heart, just as I use images to tell the story of YOUR FAMILYYOUR DAY, I aim to capture YOUR child in the same way.  Each child has a story, which is part of your family’s story, and I can’t wait to capture just a small chapter in theirs.  If you would like to have this type of school portraiture come to your school, Contact Me, I am now scheduling schools for Spring!

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