Thomas Jefferson Preschool

Welcome parents of Thomas Jefferson Preschool students!  You are in the right place!  It was SUCH a JOY to capture your children!  Please read through this page in it’s entirety BEFORE proceeding to your student’s gallery, as it contains important information:-)

The deadline to place your order is MONDAY APRIL 18, 2016.

Products will be delivered 2-3 weeks after the gallery closes.

All orders are processed through our online gallery/ordering site, it is quick, convenient and secure.  If you have any questions, please EMAIL ME. If you would like to learn more about life|stop photography, you can get to know me HERE, see recent family sessions HERE, or follow us on FACEBOOK.


Again if you have any trouble ordering or need any additional information PLEASE don’t hesitate to CONTACT me.


+IMPORTANT NOTE: These images are captured within a short time period with your child.  We do our best to capture a tiny bit of your child’s story, a snippet of who they are RIGHT now.  Each child’s gallery includes several proof options, some have more than others.  I do not say “cheese”, smile, or try to convince your child to “perform” in anyway, I do not believe the “perfect” shot is anything other than who your child is.  BUT I do my best to work with your child, make them feel comfortable and special, so that they enjoy the few minutes I have with them, and in turn LOVE seeing the images captured during that time.  All images are captured with the goal of telling their story, revealing a little bit of who they are at this moment.  Some laugh, some make funny faces, some are quiet, while some are loud, some stand still and shy, some jump and giggle, all while we try to capture it all in a way that creates timeless images for you to enjoy for years to come.  These moments are so fleeting, we LOVE to help tell the story of who they are RIGHT NOW.  The images included in your child’s gallery were the best of the best, we hope you enjoy each and everyone!  Thank you for understanding!