Modern School Portraits | FAQ


What Are Modern School Portraits?

It’s simple, Modern School Portraits are fun, candid, and personal images that provide parents with art, rather than a standard portrait. life|stop photography specializes in capturing real moments, and genuine emotions from children while having fun and delivering a personal product of exceptional quality.  We do NOT force a smile or “cheese”.

How Do We Order?

Unlike traditional portraits, you do not order prints, UNTIL you view your child’s gallery of images.  Each gallery will include 3-5 poses of your child in both color and black+white.  You will order right from the gallery, all orders and payments are processed online.  You can also share your child’s gallery with family members so that they can order as well.

What Packages Do You Offer?

We offer 5 different packages with a variety of print sizes starting at $45.  Each print package is for 1 pose only.  A la carte items are also available.  We also offer custom studio products, such as gallery wraps, metals, ornaments, as well as digital packages.

We Have Multiple Children At The School, Do You Offer Family Discounts?

Yes!  After paying full price for your first child, you can take$5 off for the second child, $10 for the third, $15 off the fourth.

Will You Photograph Younger or Older Siblings That Do Not Attend The School?

Yes by appointment!  Please schedule with me ahead of time, so I can plan accordingly.  You will need to obtain permission from the teacher/office and sign your child(ren) in and out of school property, if necessary.

Do You Offer Re-Touching, or Re-Cropping?

We will do our best to make sure there aren’t any obvious remnants on your child’s face, and that their hair looks presentable.  I will inspect each image for quality and retouch as needed before releasing the images to you.  If you desire additional retouching after the images have been released, there is a one time fee of $25, and I will work closely with you to make the images look how you prefer.

If you prefer a horizontal image to be vertical, I will try my best to make that work, It will not work with all images, but if it can be done, we are happy to get your image the orientation that works for you.

How Long Until We See The Galleries? How Long Until We Receive Our Orders?

After we shoot the pictures, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks before proofs are released to the parents. The order deadline will be listed for one week after proof release. Once all orders are in, products will begin to arrive 2-3 weeks later. We will personally deliver all of the products to the school, unless the parents request another form of delivery.

Does Each Child Have To Participate?

No, you do not have to participate or order at all.  We will shoot portraits for every child in the class, and provide a gallery for each child we photograph. Galleries will be provided digitally and because of this your teachers will not have to worry about collecting un-purchased proofs or order forms. If parents do not want to purchase, they do not have to.