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Merry Christmas Everyone! I thought I would post about a tradition I see a lot of people partaking in, one which we have up until this year not ever attempted. If you know me you might understand, but my kitchen is MY space…I know that’s terrible, but I have a hard time letting my kids in, I EVEN have a hard time letting my husband in!  It’s my happy place, my zen place if you will. I know it’s terribly selfish of me, and honestly it’s mostly because I like to make things up as I go along and having others in the kitchen who want to know what to do, or what comes next doesn’t really work with that method:-)  BUT I have vowed to bring my kids in more often this year and as they grow, I mean we want to raise boys who LOVE food, appreciate where it comes and the work that goes into their meals,  but also I want my boys to KNOW HOW TO COOK. I mean really, my husband and I learned to cook together (I see the irony here) but how great would it be to send my boys out into the world as GREAT cooks?

But really, you did not come here to read about my crazy kitchen ideas!  You are probably more interested in seeing what my family, and THANKFULLY our friend’s family did in said friends kitchen!  Our friends happen to also be our neighbors, we are renting the house we live in from them, and building our new house right next door!  Again an aside, I am on a roll today!  ANYWAY, we ventured out to a Christmas Service, and then headed back to their house to bake and decorate Christmas cookies with our kids!  I am so glad we did, my boys LOVED it, and since I have vowed to not bake until my new kitchen is finished it was PERFECT!

Aaron made the dough ahead of time, as well as the frosting so we were ready when we walked in at um….730pm, my kids NORMAL bedtime! Tom rolled out the dough for the kids and they started cutting!


We had Candy Canes, Trees, stars, stockings, gingerbread men, and of course the traditional Christmas football helmet!  That one was funny, but ALL the kids made at least one of those:-)

I am SO thankful for friends of the social media crowd who remind me to take pictures with my face in them!  AND for husbands who offer to take one with the BIG camera.  We were total DIVAS and made him take a million before we approved, but whatever, he offered:-)
Then we decided to take “family” pictures and my boys photobombed hers while her husband was busy cleaning up:-)
Ahh That’s better and ACTUALLY her family:-) in all their silliness!
AND here is us:-) I am SO thrilled to have this image! Even though I could totally put the above cookie making images in our album and it would tell the story of our night, I LOVE LOVE that there are these images of both families involved so we can have those to look at for years to come!2014CookiesBlog_11

From our family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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