Verde Creations| Landscape Photography


Welcome to My Story Monday!  Mondays are the day I invite you in and turn the camera on my life so you can see some of my family’s story!  This Monday is about other photography I do when I am not capturing family stories.

My brother-in-law is a talented landscape designer, and his business Verde Creations does beautiful work!  Occasionally they ask me to capture a landscape for them, for portfolio, or print work.  And of course I always say “Yes!”  Tom’s sister Beth is my most beloved assistant, so this is a way to say thank you back:-)

This particular project is in Auburn, in Christian Valley, I love how they combined the natural environment with the landscaping.  Japanese Maples are some of my favorite trees, I love their color and beautiful forms.
GayleLane_02_BlogGayleLane_13_BlogGayleLane_22_BlogThe stacked rock retaining wall, actually blends in and gives a more natural feel to this landscaping, the grasses are perfect for lining the drive.GayleLane_25_Blog

A short but fun post, I love to help Verde out, and practice some non-portrait landscape photography!  Thanks for reading My Story Monday!


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