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When you are 8 months pregnant, photographing a family can be hard…you just have a harder time getting up from laying on the ground to get your shot:-) That said I feel great so when a friend asked me to shoot her kiddos, I thought nothing of it…We scheduled it and when the time rolled around, I totally forgot Beth my trusted sidekick was going to be out of town! So I enlisted Tom’s help with Holden and the shoot, and made a DETAILED list of the shots I wanted…

Um, clearly I had never done a family shoot with 4 kids…That list went out the window within 5 minutes…These kids are awesome and even though they are all related they each have a different personality…so I wanted to capture that…so we played around a bit switching back and forth between groups and individual shots…it was fun!

I love shooting a family, and getting to spend the time with them and seeing them through the lens, which tends to capture things you don’t see in the everyday!

These boys are so cute, and their big sister is so beautiful!

Holden is starting preschool in the fall, and I am hoping he will get to go to school with their littlest guy, for him and for me…I would love more chances to hang out with my friend…

Seriously I know my friend was worried about the chaos of shooting 4 kids, but I like the images, and I had fun…and it wasn’t too much trust me…Tom and I walked with Holden to a nearby restaurant for lunch that day…so clearly I felt fine:-)

I tried out some fun stuff on a couple of these…per mom’s request…I think we both like them:-)

Thanks S fam!


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