The P Family 2009 | Sacramento Family Photographer

When Beth and I were talking about Family Portraits this year, we were thinking of new venues…I like to test new spots out with their family:-)  We are also always looking for great places that allow the kids to be themselves but also get great shots!  We have been talking about Land Park FOREVER so we finally made the trek and it paid off! 
Love the above shot mostly because you can see MJ running like a madwoman in the background…

MJ would only sit for TWO shots so Josh brought in the pumpkin as stand in:-)

LOVE the way Beth is looking at Josh!

Sometimes you just have to let the kids lead, so when MJ climbed in the next window I knew it was my chance…she smiles as long as she feels in control…we make it work for us!


And AWAY she goes!

This was the first shot…remember the two I was talking about:-)

Holden wanted to join their family:-)
I LOVE that Beth has the same natural family portrait philosophy…that’s what makes her a great friend, sister and most of all assistant!  She is always with me on shoots now, and I love her eye, her ideas, and her willingness to try to get people to just be themselves…It’s so much better for us to get shots of your family and kids being themselves than a posed unrealistic shot…

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