Mr. N | Rocklin Baby Photographer

So our friends asked me to photograph their one year old…it was fun and challenging all at the same time:-) You/I get used to photographing my own child who responds to me and the camera…so other kids are a bit different…But Mr. N was such a cutie! He is just new to this walking thing so that was fun to watch too!

Now when I photograph kids, its all about photojournalism…well when I shoot most people its that way…There is not much posing…only in as much putting them in the environment I want them to interact with or that I want as the background…And I am not able at this point to jump up and down and act crazy while shooting:-) Usually I have Beth for that…I know a great photographer, that does more posing…and has an amazing wife who can interact and connect with ALL children…they work great as a team…

So the moral is if you want me to photograph your kids…I will run around, lie on the ground, and get interesting/fun shots of them…but they will not be posed and “perfect”…

I love this one of mom and son:-)

I’m working on shooting into the sun…

Love the chubby cheeks!
Lovin Life!

Holden saw this one and immediately said, “Sophie!” good thing he didn’t see me sneak her out of the house for this shoot!

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