Baby B is 9 Months! | First Year Photographer

I couldn’t believe it when it came time for Baby B’s 9 month session!  The year was going by SO fast!  I have to admit, I was a little sad that soon, I wouldn’t be seeing this little guy and his mama every three months:-)  AND if I was honest I would say that the 9 month session is probably my favorite out of the Baby’s First Year Story.  I mean the personality is there, the babies are mobile and in to everything, so it can be a hard stage for mamas, but for a photographer who LOVES to chase little ones around and capture them being who they are it is a BLAST!

We met at Veteran’s Park in Roseveille.  I just love this park for it’s natural setting, and the bike path that makes for a safe “road” to be on:-) And it has a play structure!

Baby B did NOT disappoint with personality and mobility.  He LOVED standing up, as long as Mama or a “support” was nearby.  But, of course mom is best:-)


See he still thinks I am funny:-)  Or maybe mom was standing behind me;-)


THIS series is one of my favorites, because it shows the different smiles, and the one of SHEAR entertainment and joy is my favorite!  Of course this occurred right before he was done sitting by himself!  But it’s a fun capture.  We decided it was time to let him have his own time, time to explore and do whatever he wanted.  I always come prepared for these sessions with park blankets, and a few toys, just in case they are needed:-)  We also decided to see if he would sit in the bucket we used for previous sessions, luckily he thought that was a GREAT idea!


THIS fence in this field is one of my favorite features of this park.  In spring the green grasses come up, in fall the colors change to yellow and red, and in winter the grass still has structure and a prairie like feel…and the old wooden fence is fun to climb on, sit on and just to look at!


I am SO glad Baby B had so much fun with this session, he is such a sweet and expressive little guy.  It has been such a JOY to follow him through his first year!

I love to tell stories:-)  And use images to help tell those stories…I would LOVE to capture your family and tell YOUR story, CONTACT ME today so we can grab a cup of coffee and start planning your session!


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