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It’s the end of the year, a good time to start a challenge right?  I’ve been thinking of trying something like a project 365 FOREVER.  But, it always feels like something else to add to my plate! Often times I reach the end of the year and I am ready to put my camera down for a few months.  Last year I put it down for almost 6 months!  Using only my iPhone to capture life.  It’s not that I get tired of my camera, I just feel uninspired after the months of capturing beautiful families.  But I would like to grow in my photography, challenge myself in something other than portraits, and in turn learn new skills, techniques, and ultimately become a better photographer and hopefully increase my service to my clients.  So there it is, I am challenging myself for one image a day:-)  I am starting with some prompts, we will see if I stick with that!
December 23 | Gift

The theme today is gift.  We went to India for 12 days, leaving Dec 2.  Upon return we were SICK, I visited the ER the Monday we got back, and Tom was in there on Thursday.  Armed with antibiotics we are finally feeling better and able to spend time with our two most precious gifts ever.  

This was taken with my new flash.  I am primarily a natural light photographer, but it’s time to embrace the flash:-)  I literally just put it on my camera and started taking pictures:-)  Now it’s off to ACTUALLY figure out how to use it!

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